List of Side Loaded Games/Apps working on the OUYA.

This is a List made from about 5 diffrent Forum post and a few Reddit post. These are confirmed side loaded games & apps that work well on OUYA.


Note: These games & apps are those that work almost flawlessly and don't require the touchpad for the majority of gameplay.


- 1 Mobile Market - Works great. Has additional apps not found in the Google Play store. More info on thishere.
- Accuweather
 - Google TV version works great.
- Adblock Plus -
 The APK can be successfully installed as well. Important for those of us that likes our sites ad free!
- Adobe Air
- Advanced Task Killer
- AirDroid 
- Allows you to upload files to your OUYA via your computers web browser. Download the APK at App Store - After installing this, you can download several other apps/games such as Plants vs. Zombies and Netflix.
- Amazon App Store
- An2An Touch - 
Add touchscreen support to An2An Remote, to redirect touch actions from one Android device to another Android device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. more info here.
- Angry Birds
 - Works great with logitech mk250 (keyboard and mouse combination)
- Antutu Benchmark
- Astro File Manager - Useful file management app, helpful for browsing external storage. It works well, but has very limited gamepad compatibility. You mostly have to use the touchpad. "A" works as "back". (copied from xboxpants on reddit)
- AVG Antivirus
- BBC iPlayer
 - Works but requires BBC Media Player app installed as well.
- Bittorrent - Works great on OUYA
 - APK Version 2.0.1 works the best. Allows for 5GB of storage, compared to 2GB at Dropbox.
- BrassMonkey - Allows you to turn your phone into a game controller. This video explains how to set it up.
- BusyBox
 - Works good but is in a phone aspect ratio.
- CPSEmu 1.4 - Arcade Emulator. It works great with cps2 games.
- CPU-Z - Popular CPU identification tool.
Crackle - Let's you watch free movies on your OUYA. More details on this app here.
- Dolphin Browser
- Drama Fever 
- from the Amazon App store.
- DropBear SSH Server II
 - Free and Open-Source SSH Server for Android.
- DropBox - 
By installing this, it allows you to easily install APKs as well. Download the APK here.
- Easy Uninstaller - More on this app here.
- Easy Unrar Lite - Download the APK here.
- ePSXe - 
This Playstation Emulator is said to work nicely (more on this emulator here). This video explains how to set this up.
- ES File Explorer - Useful file management app. You'll probably need this to move files around from the download folder or to upload APKs and files via network. It's primarily a touch app, so a mouse (the touchpad barely works) is recommended. (copied from reddit)
- ESPN Scorecenter
- ES Task Manager
 - More on this app here.- F-Droid - An app store similar to the Google Play store, that is easily sideloadable. Just direct your OUYA browser to the APK at
- Expendable Rearmed - Doesn't work well with OUYA controller, but does with Xbox controller.
- Falcon Pro - Interface is a little tricky with a controller
- File Manager (Tablet Version)- This seems to work fine on the OUYA.
- Fios Mobile
- Fox News - 
Google TV version works great.
- GameBoid 
- Gameboy Advance Emulator - Works Great on OUYA
- GBCoid - Gameboy (Color) Emulator - Works great on OUYA
- Gearoid - Sega Game Gear Emulator - Works great on OUYA
- Genplus Genesis Emulator - This is a Sega Genesis Emulator. There are a few things that need mapping, such as the start button. There is a demo of this running on OUYA via the NOVA Launcher onYoutube.
- Gensoid - Sega Genesis Emulator - Works Great on OUYA (with Genesis Modules... X32 and Mega CD isnt working with the 2 Games I tested)
Go Launcher
- Google Chrome
 - you can download the APK file here
- Google Music
 - See this guide to get it running on your OUYA.
- HBO GO - Watch HBO shows if you have a subscription on your cable plan. It works, but the video quality is dreadful over wifi. Even if you use ethernet it's mediocre at best. No gamepad compatibility. (copied from xboxpants on reddit)
- Hulu Plus - This lets you watch movies and TV on your OUYA. You can find the APK on google. The tablet version works pretty well. You use the touch-pad and d-pad for selections. There is a demo of this running on OUYA via the NOVA Launcher on Youtube.
- Humble Bundle Library - If you're bought any Humble Android bundles, you can access them with this app. Most of them aren't really playable with OUYA, but some should be. I still need to try out Machinarium. First time I opened it there was a crash at launch, but since then it has worked fine. I believe the link to this app is on your Humble Bundle account page. (copied from xboxpants on reddit)
- Inertia: Escape Veolocity - Works and is playable, but needs the touchpad for menu stuff fairly regularly. The standard key layout is also pretty weird (trigger L1 for jump, for instance).- John NES - NES Emulator is said to work fine on OUYA. More details on this emulator here.
- JuiceSSH - SSH Client
- Kinoma Play
- LCARS UI - More on this app here.
- Linpack for Android - Speed test your Android device and ROM with this standard CPU benchmark
- MaMe4All - Emulator that emulates over 2000 different rom sets. (more info here)
MAME4Droid - Emulator works very well. See video.
- MAME4Droid Reloaded - More on this app here.
- MLB At Bat - More on this app here.
- MX Player - According to a source, this works on OUYA.
- MyBoy! GBA
- NEODroid
 - See it running in this video.
This GBA emulator is said to work with OUYA. More details on this emulator here.
- Nesoid
- Netflix - 
Watch Netflix movies and shows, as well as add/remove from your queue, all on your OUYA. You can grab the APK for this on xda-developers forum. There is a demo of this running on OUYA on Youtube.
- NOVA Launcher - This is a viable replacement for the ouya launcher. Lots of settings and more intuitive options for layout. Getting around your sildeloaded content is so much faster using this launcher and getting to the system menu takes 1 button press. (copied from youtube) Watch the video at:
- OnLive - The Cloud gaming app works pretty well on OUYA, after being side-loaded. More details on thishere. The OnLive controller also works very well.
- Open Launcher - It's the open-source Google TV launcher called Open Launcher ( More details on this at
Pandora - This music player works great on OUYA, but it has some issues. Video here. The Pandora, in browser app works great too. Just point your webbrowser on OUYA to
- Plague Inc. - More on this game here.
- Plex - Version vers 3.0.92 runs well. No issues.
PowerAmp - This music player works great on OUYA. Video here. Version 0.8 works a lot better than 0.7.6.
- PPSSPP - This PSP emulator is said to work fine on OUYA. More details on this emulator here.
- Psx4Droid - works on OUYA
- QQPlayer - No XBMC, but it will play movies streamed from websites or your USB drive. You can download the APK here.
- Quick Office Pro - works great with a keyboard.
- reddit is fun - More on this app here.
Reddit TV
- RetroArch - A good alternative for emulation while the Ouya store fills up. It's free and supports the major consoles (SNES, Genesis, TG16) and arcade systems (CPS1, 2, Neogeo). Seems better to use a PS3 or Xbox controller with this (attached via USB). (copied from reddit). Update: Downloading the apk from the play store on another device and backing it up will work for installing on the Ouya.
- Rocker Music Player
Root Explorer
RT News and More - This news app is said to work nicely on OUYA. Me details on this app here.
- Seagate Media App - Works primarily with a wifi HDD bought from Seagate so you can access your Storage anywhere with internet.
- SNESoid
- SiriusXM
- Slacker Radio - 
Touchpad needed
- Soundcloud - This allows you to listen to music and such on your OUYA. There appears to be some lag, but it works. There is a video of this running on OUYA on Youtube.
- - Test the speed of your connection. Useful to see whether you should be using ethernet or if WiFi is fine. It doesn't display fullscreen, and it doesn't have any gamepad support, but using the touchpad works fine. (copied from xboxpants on reddit)
Splashtop desktop streamer ( - Works great if you have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
- Spotify - This music app works on OUYA (see video)
- Subsonic Music Streamer - More on this app here.
- Superuser - more info on this app here.
- SwannView - more on this app here.
- Terminal IDE - An expandable terminal application, with a full Java / C / C++ / HTML / Android development kit.
- Tiger Arcade - See it running in this video.
- Titanium Backup - Great for installing backups from other devices (ie. my phone). Pro version won't verify.
- Total Commander - More info on this app here.
TVCatchUp - Works nicely on OUYA. More details and download here.
- Uae4all2 - Amiga 1200 Emulator works great on OUYA. More details on this here.
UAE4droid - This Amiga emulator is said to work on OUYA.
uTorrent - Allows you to find and download torrents directly to your OUYA. Said to work well. More details on this app here.
- Veetle - This app that allows you to broadcast and watch live video works nicely on OUYA. More details on this app here.
- Viki: Global TV - Works greak on OUYA. More on this app here.
- WonderDroid - A Bandai WonderSwan (Mono & Color) emulator
- XBMC - 
The universal media player. This alpha version is hardware accelerated and works pretty well (not sure about 1080p content). Navi-X and Youtube seems to be a bit buggy, though. (Updated link is next to "Download this build") (copied from reddit)
- Yahoo Sports - From Amazon App store. Touchpad needed
- YouTube for Google TV - Great, controller-friendly interface. Get the APK at:
- YuppTV - Google TV version works. More info on this here.

- Another World
 - Works with controller buttons (for menu and in game)
- Arma Tactics THD - More on this game here.
- AVP: Evolution
- AuraLux

Beach Buggy Blitz - This is downloaded from the Amazon App Store, and works very well.
Beginning - Demo by Elude (
Beyond Ynth
- Burn Zombies Burn
- Chrono&Cash
- Cordy 1
- Cordy 2

- Covenant Of Solitude - Works great. Just have to use the touchpad to get out of a menu.
- Crash Bandicoot - Works on OUYA using a PS3 Controller (see video)
- Dante's Inferno - Works fully. Touch pad needed for menus. See more on this game here.
- Dead on Arrival 2
Dead Trigger - Works fine except for app purchases. (see image
- Dice Player - Plays everything, even 1080p, with no issues. More info on this game at here.
Drag Racing - Works well with triggers to shift. (more on this game here)
Dynamite Jack - Plays well using the analog stick or D-pad. In the settings, you map whaever buttons you like in keyboard shortcut setting. (more on this game here)
- Eve of Genesis - Nice old-school jrpg. Controller seems to be fully supported. More on this game here.
- Gailardia - Works perfectly. Fully supports the controller. This is a very nice old-school jrpg. I recommend this to any rpg fan, and it's free! More on this game here.
- Galaxy Hero - Works perfectly. Controller fully supported. More on this game here.
GBikes - Version 1.15 is said to work great on OUYA (more info on this game here)
- Gloomy Dungeons 3D - version 2013.03.07.0416-(Doom Knockoff)works great using included key mapping. I had some fun with this for a while.
Grand Theft Auto III - Works with controller support
- Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Works with controller support
- Great Little War Game - The left stick/d pad move the screen around. You need to use the touch pad to select units but it's easy and intuitive. It almost feels like this game was made to be played with the Ouya controller.
- Groundskeeper
- Gulp!

- Gunman Clive - Works fine on OUYA
- Gunslugs
- Helium Boy
- Illusia
 - You can see more on this game here. You'll need to use the touch screen for some things but the game is perfectly playable on Ouya.
- INC: The Beginning
- Jet Set Radio
- Jumpy
- Karoshi - 
Works. Must use touchpad to jump but works well. More on this game here.
- Kingdom of Drakkar
- KEMCO (All their RPGS) - more details here.
- Light Racer 3D
- Lode Runner X

Max Payne - According to a Youtube video, works nicely.
- Mechanics Touch
- Meganoid
- Meritous
 - ver. 0.0.2 (weird top down rpg) has graphic glitches in menus, but is playable with controller. I'm not sure what the audience for this game is. It's a blue monochrome single character game that didn't interest me enough to read the huge guide on psi power.
- Metal Slug 3
 - From Humble Bundle. Works but you can't continue after you die for some reason.
- Mini Army
- Mini Plane

Mos Speedrun - According to a tweet, this works on OUYA. (more info on this game here)
- Neoteria
- Nimble Quest
- Pac Man
- PacMan Championship Series

- Plasma Sky - More on this game here.
- P.O.D.
- Prince of Persia Classic - Works great once you change the control method in the options.
OpenArena - Works well on OUYA. (more info on this game here)
- OpenBOR (the open-source Beats of Rage engine) - Unpack the 7z and move the apk from the ANDROID-debug folder and sideload it on your Ouya. You can find PAKs for OpenBOR either here or by using our good friend Google. When you run OpemBOR for the first time it should create a folder tree /sdcard0/OpenBOR/PAKs and if not, then the folders need to be created manually. This folder is where you will store your PAK files. You can download it at:
- Quadropus Rampage
- Quell 
- Works great withlogitech mk250 (keyboard and mouse combination)
- Radiant HD
 - Cool retro space shooter kind of like a mix between Galaga and Space Invaders. Fully supports the controller. More on this game here.
- Razor Salvation
- Repulze 
- more on this game here.
- Rico
Riptide GP - Works pretty good (more info here)
RRHOID - Demo by Kewlers (
Shadowgun - Only the extension pack works though. Only the expansion of Shadowgun, "The Leftovers" is currently working on Ouya
- Shinerunner - Works great (from Amazon App Store). You must select gamepad from the controls menu.
- Sketchbook Squad
Sonic 4 Episode I - requires touchpad only in main menu
Sonic 4 Episode II - work fine on OUYA
Sonic The Hedgehog - Works fine. (more on this game here)
- Sonic CD - Works perfectly (more info here)
- Smurfs Village - Works great with logitech mk250 (keyboard and mouse combination)
- Space Trooper USA
- Spinkle Islands 
- more info here- Stardash - Works perfectly. Fully supports the controller. Old-school sidescroller. More on this game here.
- Super Daddio FREE - Works fine, but you need the trackpad for menus.
- Super Drill Panic
Super Hexagon - Works will with the analog stick or d-pad. (more on this game here)
- Switch
- Symphony of Eternity - Fully supports the controller. Decent old-school jrpg. More on this game here.
- Symphony Of The Origin - Works well. Requires touchpad for menus.
- TeeWorlds - Version works fine with controller, and it also connects to servers easily.
The Conduit HD (according to reddit post)
The Spear of Destiny (more details on this game here)
- Time Chaos
- Turbo Fly HD
- Virtua Tennis Challenge
- Warspear Online
 - requires minor use of touchpad (more details here)
- Wind-up Knight

- Wolfenstein 3D
- Yokiyo
- Zenonia (1-5)
 - Fully playable with the controller, although movement is glitchy at times. More on this game here.
- Zen Pinball HD - Works great
- Zombie Driver THD - Works on OUYA (custom gamepad configuration included)


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